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A town of central Switzerland near the southeast tip of Lake Lucerne. A statue marks the spot where William Tell is said to have shot an apple off his son's head.


(German ˈaltdɔrf)
(Placename) a town in central Switzerland, capital of Uri canton: setting of the William Tell legend. Pop: 8541 (2000)



a town in and the capital of Uri, in central Switzerland, near Lucerne: legendary home of William Tell. 8600.
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Contract notice: leibniz-gymnasium in altdorf - new building (1.
In 1705 a weaver, Conrad Hahn, of Altdorf was suspected of having ".
26) En la Guerra de los Treinta anos estuvieron destacados hasta cuatro plenipotenciarios: Antonio Biglia y Francisco Casati en Coira, capital de las Ligas Grises, Carlos Casati en Lucerna, cerca de los Cantones Catolicos, y su adjunto, Enrique Crivelli, en Altdorf, cerca de los Cantones Centrales.
The internationally operating RUAG Technology of Altdorf, Switzerland, now Impreglon Coatings AG, wanted to increase the output of their plating line in 2010.
Cuenta la tradicion que en el siglo XIV el heroe suizo Guillermo Tell, desafio al gobernador del canton de Uri, Hermann Gessler, al negarse a saludar a su sombrero expuesto bajo el tilo de Altdorf.
At 1200 LT (1100 UTC), winds increased markedly in Zurich, while weaker winds were observed around Altdorf (not shown).
The Datwyler story goes all the way back to 1915 when Adolf DAaAaAeAntwyl began to produce electrical conductors in Altdorf.
The five lines serve routes from Nuremberg to Erlangen and Bamberg, Ansbach, Roth, Allersberg, Neumark, Altdorf and Hartmannshof.
After his promotion, Bucher taught for one year at secondary schools in Isenthal and Altdorf (Canton of Uri).
4) Both playbills had been in the library of Georg Andreas Will (1727-98), historian and professor at the University of Altdorf, who left the Stadtbibliothek some 15,000 volumes.
La justice estime que la filiale egyptienne n'a pas correctement publie la participation de sa societe mere, dont le siege est a Altdorf dans le centre de la Suisse.