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Noun1.Alternanthera - genus of low herbs of tropical America and AustraliaAlternanthera - genus of low herbs of tropical America and Australia; includes genus Telanthera
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
amaranth family, Amaranthaceae, family Amaranthaceae - cosmopolitan family of herbs and shrubs
alligator grass, alligator weed, Alternanthera philoxeroides - prolific South American aquatic weed having grasslike leaves and short spikes of white flowers; clogs waterways with dense floating masses
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Garcke y Alternanthera pungens Kunth, con presencia de individuos aislados de P flexuosa.
The animals were also fed regularly with leafy vegetables and fruits such as Ipomoea reptans (gogodi), Alternanthera braziliana, pawpaw leaves and fruits (this contains piperazine, which serves as dewormer).
Within the Caryophylalles order, the Alternanthera genus stands out in terms of betalain production and Alternanthera sessilis species is quite well known for its medicinal properties, thus being of interest to associate its possible pharmacological effects with the optimization of pigment production (Hossain, Faisal, Rahiman, Jahan, & Rahmatullah, 2014).
Uddin, Central - Stimulating and Analgesic Activity o f the Ethanolic Extract o f Alternanthera sessilis in Mice, BMC (ISCMR) 14, 398 (2014).
Green vegetables (Macaranga barteri, Ludwigia octovalis, Lycopodium cernuum, Vigna gracilis, Persicaria decipiens, Alternanthera sessilis, and Clausena anisata), medicinal plant (Sorindeia warneckei) and artisanal materials (Laccosperma opacum, Calamus deerratus, and Smilax anceps) were some examples of this form of exploitation.
Year recorded Scientific name Common name group(1) Both Alternanthera sp.
Propagacao de Alternanthera dentata pelo processo de estaquia.
Cosecha FAMILIA MORFOTIPO POLINICO octubre--noviembre D S I ADOXACEAE Sambucus peruviana * AMARANTHACEAE Alternanthera sp.
Tenders are invited for supply of hedge plants alternanthera sp (2 - 3ft height) of the best quality very shining plants (including transportation, loading, unloading and stocking at the work site)/ upto the tall tree nursery/ various project site