Alternate generation

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(Biol.) See under Generation.
(Biol.) alternation of sexual with asexual generation, in which the products of one process differ from those of the other, - a form of reproduction common both to animal and vegetable organisms. In the simplest form, the organism arising from sexual generation produces offspiring unlike itself, agamogenetically. These, however, in time acquire reproductive organs, and from their impregnated germs the original parent form is reproduced. In more complicated cases, the first series of organisms produced agamogenetically may give rise to others by a like process, and these in turn to still other generations. Ultimately, however, a generation is formed which develops sexual organs, and the original form is reproduced.

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We have to focus and realign towards alternate generation of wealth and that is only possible when Oman uses its inherent strength and focuses on some specific areas of revenue generation, like mining, marine, manufacturing, tourism and above all its educated work force," said investment advisor Dr Anchan C.
Any portion of the hydro system that is removed or diminished will need to be replaced with alternate generation to meet current and future power needs.
Kariera kinship systems are sometimes distinguished from Dravidian systems by the presence of alternate generation equations which imply the presence of four marriage classes (sections) (Dumont 1970).

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