shortwave radio

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short′wave ra′dio

a radio that transmits or receives shortwaves.
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Owners of AM radio stations planning to attend the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas may wish to set aside some time to visit the Orban booth.
Recently, the electromagnetic interference in an AM radio by the noise generated from a power control unit (DC-DC converters, inverters) in a hybrid vehicle (HV) has become a serious problem.
Awardees for AM Radio include Ted Failon (DZMM Radyo Patrol 630) - Best Male AM Radio Announcer; Korina Sanchez (DZMM Radyo Patrol 630) - Best Female AM Radio Announcer; "Dos Por Dos" (DZMM Radyo Patrol 630) - Best AM Radio News Program; "Wanted Sa Radyo With Raffy Tulfo" (formerly on DZXL 558 kHz, now on 92.
Summary: It has been announced Dave Lee Travis has been taken off his Magic AM radio show.
What could possibly persuade the owner of a local AM radio station to buy another AM radio station, this one with very low power?
The company owns and operates 177 FM and 66 AM radio stations, with formats that span the spectrum.
I've found calling into AM radio talk shows to be an effective way to pass along information to large, politically active audiences, and to suggest alternative sources of information like World Watch.
Although one third the height of conventional transmitter towers, this "low-profile" AM radio broadcast antenna is capable of providing about 98% of their radiation frequency.
Sir Alan saysIN the days when AM radio was very popular, you worked on a special receiving aerial, so much so that you have been able to pick up AM radio stations from as far afield as Holland and even listened to very weak signalled stations such as those transmitting from hospitals.
Anyone on the George Eliot Hospital site with an AM radio can hear broadcasts on 1386 AM.
In Colorado Springs the station broadcasts on AM radio.
This show airs Thursdays at 6:05pm ET on AM Radio Channel 1590 (WPSL).