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Noun1.Amaranthus - large widely distributed genus of chiefly coarse annual herbsAmaranthus - large widely distributed genus of chiefly coarse annual herbs
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
amaranth family, Amaranthaceae, family Amaranthaceae - cosmopolitan family of herbs and shrubs
amaranth - any of various plants of the genus Amaranthus having dense plumes of green or red flowers; often cultivated for food
Amaranthus spinosus, thorny amaranth - erect annual of tropical central Asia and Africa having a pair of divergent spines at most leaf nodes
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The UAE is home to several species such as alhagi, alkali sandspurry, althea, and amaranthus among many others.
brVincentCrops like cotton, linseed, groundnuts, green grams, mango, banana, guava, peas, tomatoes, brinjals, green chillies, sweet potatoes, onions and indigenous vegetables like amaranthus (terere), black night shade (managu), cowpea (kunde) and spider plant (saget) can do well in an area with black cotton soil.
Amaranthus is a cosmopolitan genus of annual or short-lived perennial plants (Dorling, 2008), including domesticated and endangered species, restricted endemics and widespread weeds (Sauer, 1950), which are commonly referred as 'Amaranths' or 'Pigweeds' (Bensch et al.
The most commonly mentioned plant species were Vernonia amygdalina (39%) followed by Amaranthus dubius (6%), Hibiscus sabdarifa (4%), Dicliptera laxata (4%) and Persea americana (4%).
University of Zululand researchers served up a tasty biscuit made from the Amaranthus plant (a spinach-like vegetable traditionally known as imbuya) to SA Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor, at the DST Innovation Bridge Portal held recently.
Host plant(s): Althea rosea (3, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14); Amaranthus viridis (6, 7); Chenopodum album (6, 7); Bidens biternata (11, 14); Conyza canadensis (3,11); Coriandrum sativum (11); Dendranthema indicum (3, 6, 7, 11, 14); Euphorbia prostrata (6); Parthenium hysterophorus (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15); Solanum nigrum (6, 7, 10) and Sonchus asper (3, 6, 7, 11).
Amaranthus hybridus commonly known as 'Cheera' in Malayalam, is an erect branched annual herb distributed throughout tropical and temperat e regions of India as a common weed in the agricultural fields and wastelands (Preston Publishers).
The aim of this study was to compare the basic chemical composition and growth parameters of Amaranthus hypochondriacus grown in a greenhouse in comparison to the open field.
All the six (Sonchus asper, Amaranthus hybridus, Amaranthus viridis, Cyperus rotundus, Malva parviflora, Tribulus parvispinus) species of were diffuse in both areas.
Must-haves for me every year include annuals, Mollucella Laevis (Bells of Ireland) for their vivid green bell-shaped calyces on long, twisted stems and Amaranthus viridus (Love lies bleeding) for its lime green tassels, both great for combining with the hotter shades of cactus dahlias, sunflowers and zingy shades of zinnia.
What is the evocative common name of the red-flowered Amaranthus caudatus?