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 (ăm′ə-rĭl′ō, -rĭl′ə)
A city of northern Texas in the Panhandle north of Lubbock. It grew as a cattle-shipping center after the coming of the railroad in 1887.


(Placename) an industrial city in NW Texas. Pop: 178 612 (2003 est)


(ˌæm əˈrɪl oʊ)

a city in NW Texas. 169,588.
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Noun1.Amarillo - a city in the northern panhandle of TexasAmarillo - a city in the northern panhandle of Texas
Lone-Star State, Texas, TX - the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico
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Jose Amarillo, their last hope, a recent convert, who had promised money, had been apprehended at his hacienda in Chihuahua and shot against his own stable wall.
Presolicitation:Psychiatry Physician Department of Veterans Affairs Amarillo
La muchacha hizo lo que la abuela le dijo, y cuando mostraron la sabana estaba amarilla, porque la viejita le habia dado papel con el que hacen las flores, pero color amarillo, no rojo, la muchacha estaba asustada, y la abuelita inmediatamente saco toda la malicia o la experiencia y dijo: "hombre desgraciado, mira lo que le hiciste a mi hija, hasta su xcula (hiel) le rompiste".
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 2, 2015-NTS Communications brings 1-gig service to Amarillo
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-November 2, 2015-NTS Communications brings 1-gig service to Amarillo
Honduran President Hernandez announced that this year he will revisit the Rio Amarillo airfield construction project in Copan, reports Laprensa.
For the last five years, Titus Pa Thawng has lived thousands of miles from his native Myanmar in Amarillo, where he is a Christian pastor for a congregation of fellow refugees.
Amarillo City government employees came up with the design for the logo to celebrate the town's 100th anniversary, but a search at the US Patents Office found the Emr-registered emblem bearing a striking resemblance.
withdraw all items bearing said logo," company legal director Khaled Amin wrote in the November 12 email obtained by the Amarillo Globe-News and posted on its website.
They are currently the only distributor and installer of this high-tech automotive alcohol breathalyzer in the city of Amarillo.
AMARILLO, Texas, Rajab 5, 1434, May 15, 2013, SPA -- Smoke in the cockpit forced an American Airlines flight from Albuquerque to make an emergency landing at the Amarillo, Texas, airport, UPI quoted an airport official as saying.
Amarillo, los ciudadanos opinan que la situacion de su seguridad es poco satisfactoria, con problemas moderados; los residentes se quejan, pero aceptan no estar tan inseguros en comparacion con otras colonias y barrios.