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14 (ANI): HackerEarth, an innovation and talent management company announced the launch of its first virtual artificial intelligence (AI) hackathon for Alexa, aimed at building more engaging skills for the cloud- based voice service and brain behind Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo.
Summary: Trend expected to strengthen further with launch of Apple Homepod and localisation of Amazon Echo
Alexa, the virtual assistant in Amazon Echo smart speakers, has been laughing at random moments and owners are not happy with it.
YOU can now tune in to the Liverpool ECHO's early-morning news headlines on the Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices.
AGL is transforming home energy management by offering Amazon Echo devices to customers who switch to a new energy plan.
SMART speakers like Amazon Echo are being used to help vulnerable people in Cardiff who receive care at home.
The Amazon Echo Show will also be its competition, which houses a 7-inch display with speakers and is equipped with their the Alexa AI.
In the absence of manual adjustment controls, the Amazon Echo rival will rely on analytics to automatically set levels for each song that is played, according to (http://appleinsider.
Google Home and Google Assistant aren't as broadly compatible with third-party products and services as the Amazon Echo and Alexa, but Google is aggressively closing that gap and should achieve parity soon.
Apple's HomePod will challenge the Amazon Echo (left) and Google's Home