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The vast basin of the Amazon River in northern South America. It remains largely unpopulated and undeveloped, especially in the interior.


(Placename) the land around the Amazon river


(ˌæm əˈzoʊ ni ə)

the region around the Amazon, in N South America.


[ˌæməˈzəʊnɪə] NAmazonia f
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8) The network constitutes a significant improvement over DNAEE's traditional data collection system, since it ensures greater reliability, a higher frequency of data acquisition and greater capacity to monitor remote areas in the Amazonia.
With exceptional photography and entertaining and informative writing, Amazonia is a book well worth experiencing.
And England are also set to get an extra training session inside the Arena Amazonia, allowing them to get a better grasp of the conditions they will face at the time of the big kick-off.
The 42,000-seater Arena da Amazonia in Manaus, which is a city deep in the heart of the legendary Amazonian rainforest, has been beset by problems during construction with the first fatality recorded in March 2013, which prompted construction workers to go on strike until they received assurances of improved safety conditions.
Organizers in charge of the stadium's construction said the worker was hurt while dismantling a crane that was used to install the roof of the Arena da Amazonia.
This volume offers an insightful, erudite and well-integrated account of the archaeology of the Guianas, one that elaborates conclusively the position of this broad region as part of pre-Columbian Amazonia.
Amazonia remains the region most affected by the rural conflict.
She noted that Amazonia is an extraordinary treasure, home to many species, and that we have already lost a great many kilometers of the Amazon rainforest.
of Para, Belme, Brazil) looks at the indigenous history of Amazonia, drawing from the work of archaeologists, geographers, ethnobotanists, soil scientists, ethnologists, and geologists.
pounds 297 Travel to Lisbon and stay at the three-star Amazonia Lisboa for four days, with the flight leaving Cardiff on Tuesday, March 22.
Family day at Amazonia 6 We've teamed up with Amazonia to offer six readers the chance to win a family ticket.
Obscured by jungles, political upheaval, its vast size and sheer remoteness, the region called Amazonia is home to one in 10 species on Earth.