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(ɑmˈbɑ tɔ)

a city in central Ecuador, ab. 8500 ft. (2590 m) above sea level. 100,454.
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He has large haciendas at Ambato and Latacunga, and down the coast is he interested in oil-wells.
The band played free concerts in Quito and the cities of Guayaquil, Cuenca, Loja, Ambato and Riobamba on a tour coordinated by U.
of Ambato, [1[degrees]14'S, 78[degrees]37'W], 24-26 Aug 1918, Rose 22379 (NY, US).
The Tungurahua volcano <Bspews a six-mile column of ash into the atmosphere - as seen from Ambato, Ecuador
From the spit-roasted cuy (guinea pig) in Ambato, Ecuador, to the sea horse, cicadas or silkworm pupae in Beijing, this book provides children with the challenge to browse through each family's photograph and find one food that virtually everyone eats.
TV Cable Ecuador was established in 1987 and currently operates in more than 20 cities with dominant presence in the capital Quito, the country's commercial hub Guayaquil and anchor cities such as Cuenca, Salinas, Ambato, Riobamba, Ibarra, Tulcan, Portoviejo and Manta.
Viteri was born in Ambato, in 1931, into an educated family of Basque origin that had come to Ecuador early in the colonial period.
Cantares andinos: Quito, Latacunga, Ambato, Riobamba, Cajamarca, Ancash, Cusco, Ayacucho, Puno, La Paz.
Chica, who is also known by the alias Pancho de la Cruz, was not present at the hearing at the Ambato Supreme Court yesterday.
Salasacans gain access to the witch-saint not through the statue in the Church, but through a replica of San Gonzalo's icon and the saint's books, owned and managed for profit by a family of urban, working-class whites in Ambato.