Amber Alert

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Amber Alert

A message that conveys information about a recently missing or abducted person, usually displayed on electronic signs positioned along roadways and broadcast especially by radio, intended to enlist the public's help in finding the abducted person and often in catching the abductor.

[After Amber Hagerman (1986-1996), American child kidnapped and murdered in Texas.]

Amber alert

(Law) US and Canadian a notification to the general public, such as by commercial radio or electronic traffic-condition signs, regarding an abduction of a child
[C20: named after Amber Hagerman, a child who was abducted and murdered in 1996 in Arlington, Texas]
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Ninety-eight percent of the 495 AMBER Alert recoveries have occurred since AMBER Alert became a nationally coordinated effort in 2002.
Thursday - almost four hours after the girl's abduction in Bakersfield, but 90 minutes before Bakersfield police asked for a statewide Amber Alert and some eight hours before the alert actually went out.
NYSE: PBG) today announced that it has signed on to become the first major corporation to enroll its employees wireless phones in the Wireless AMBER Alert Program, a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies and the transportation and telecommunications industries that issues urgent public bulletins to help solve child abduction cases.
The LAPD ordered an Amber Alert, which uses the Internet and electronic highway signs to get word out about child abductions.
WASHINGTON -- An AMBER Alert was recently issued in Missouri urging citizens to be on the lookout for four abducted siblings and their abductor.
In the news release, AMBER Alert Safety Centers, Inc.
The AMBER alert system is designed to provide a coordinated rapid response to an instance of child abduction in California,'' California Highway Patrol Lt.
WASHINGTON -- An AMBER Alert was recently issued in Pennsylvania urging citizens to be on the lookout for an abducted girl and her abductor.
To date 318 children have been recovered as a result of the AMBER Alert program," said Ernie Allen, NCMEC's president and CEO.
WASHINGTON -- An AMBER Alert was recently issued in Kansas urging citizens to be on the lookout for two siblings and their abductor.
Department of Justice commemorated the 11-year anniversary of the AMBER Alert program today by outlining the tremendous success of the initiative that has saved the lives of hundreds of children nationwide.