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n.1.See Ambergris.
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I cannot forget one of the attendants of the king, that, at a feast made by this monster of excess, eat to his single share a whole pye, reckoned to my lord at ten pounds, being composed of ambergrease, magisterial of pearl, musk, &c.
A diver springing darkly to the brim Of the full sapphire river as it rolled Under palm shadows over sands of gold Along the balmy vale of Almahim: Brought up what seem'd a piece of common mould, But of so rare a fragrance that he cried-- "Mine eyes are dim with diving--thou'rt no piece Of common earth, but musk or ambergrease.
Pare and quarter Apples and boil them in Sugar and Water, and a Stick of Cinnamon, and when tender, put in a little White Wine, the Juice of a Lemon, a Piece of fresh Butter, and a little Ambergrease or Orangeflower Water; stir all together, and when 'tis cold, put it in a Puff-paste, and fry them.