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 (äm′bôn) also Am·boi·na (ăm-boi′nə)
An island of eastern Indonesia in the Moluccas near Seram. Settled by the Portuguese in the 1500s, it was also the site of an English settlement that was destroyed by the Dutch in 1623.


1. (Placename) Also: Amboina an island in Indonesia, in the Moluccas. Capital: Amboina. Area: 1000 sq km (386 sq miles)
2. (Placename) Also: Amboina a port in the Moluccas, the capital of Ambon (Amboina) island


(ˈɑm bɔn)

also Am•boi•na

(æmˈbɔɪ nə)

1. an island in the central Moluccas, in E Indonesia. 72,679; 314 sq. mi. (813 sq. km).
2. a seaport on this island. 56,037.
Am•bo•nese (ˌæm bəˈniz, -ˈnis) n., pl. -nese, adj.
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Six regions have been selected for the pilot projects of the grant, namely Banten Province, Maluku Province, Regency of Pandeglang, Serang, Lebak and Ambon.
annulus, based on shell morphology; analyze the size and stages of the development of gold ring cowrys and investigate the similarities and phenotypic distances of gold ring cowrys in Ambon and Larat Island with numerical taxonomic approaches.
The newly discovered Ambon is carved in mud-brick covered with a layer of mortar and decorated with a red cross, according to El-Nemr.
We hope that Sino is a symbol of our victory over fish poaching," Pudjiastuti said in a statement, referring to one of the ships sunk, after having witnessed two vessels being destroyed in Ambon in eastern Indonesia.
Chapter One provides a dramatic account of the early stages of the fighting and its rapid spread to the villages and islands outside Ambon City.
This volume compiles 26 stories by local people writing in the spirit of obasudura,o a concept evoking care for others, about their experiences before, during, and after the conflict between Christian and Muslim communities in the Maluku Islands archipelago in Indonesia from 1999 to 2002, particularly in Ambon.
That experience led me to further international human rights missions including peace building work on Ambon Island in Indonesia and work for Amnesty International in Afghanistan.
Last month, Cambodia rescued 230 trafficked laborers from Thai fishing vessels operating from the Indonesian island of Ambon.
An air traffic controller in Ambon had received the threat via text message as the plane headed toward its intended destination of Jakarta, he said.
A police bomb squad started examining the Batik Air plane after it landed in South Sulawesi with 122 passengers from the eastern Indonesian city of Ambon, transport ministry spokesman J.
This book is an anthropological account of three online cyber projects that emerged on the internet during the conflict between Christians and Muslims on the Moluccan islands from 1999 to 2002--the Masariku Mailing List, which represented Protestant Christians; the Catholic Crisis Centre of the Diocese of Ambon Newsletter (CCDA); and the Communication Forum of the Followers of the Sunnah and the Community of the Prophet (FKAWJ).