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 (äm′bə-nēz′, -nēs′, ăm′-) or Am·boi·nese (-boi-)
n. pl. Ambonese or Amboinese
1. A native or inhabitant of Ambon.
2. The variety of Malay spoken on Ambon, used as lingua franca is nearby regions of the Moluccas.
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Debora gored no 'citron Ambonese nob,' man, or 'Ticonderoga-robed tar'
I'm Chinese-Sundanese with fair skin and straight hair, one friend is Presbyterian Ambonese (an ethnic group from the Maluku Islands) with dark skin and wavy hair, and our other friend is Muslim Javanese with light brown skin and straight hair.
After independence (1949), it was managed by leaders from the Ambonese community.
The Ambonese Herbal Georgius Everhardus Rumphius; translated by E.
Each Ambonese head of family had to plant and maintain 100 clove trees (p.
today enjoy Indian and western films, Javanese and Mexican soap operas, and Ambonese or Papuan karaoke clips.
The fight between ethnically Ambonese and Bugis individuals in a bus station, which is said to have sparked the January 19, 1999, riots in Maluku, is a classic case of intergroup conflict expressed as a clash of individuals.
As a result, a personal quarrel between a Bugise and an Ambonese can be immediately transformed into Muslim-Christian conflict, involving more people wrongly.
Georius Everardus Rumphius, the "Pliny of the Indies," commissioned Merian in 1702 to prepare 60 elaborate illustrations for his Ambonese Curiosity Cabinet.
In effect, the PA became a paid arm of the IDF, not unlike the Harkis in Algeria or the Ambonese in the East Indies.
He documented his traditional healing methods in the book Ambonese Herbal.