Ambrose Bierce

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Noun1.Ambrose Bierce - United States writer of caustic wit (1842-1914)
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written by one Ambrose Bierce, an avowed and confirmed misanthrope of the period: "Grapeshot, n.
This volume of autobiographical selections from Ambrose Bierce's published and private writings should forever discredit the "bitter Bierce" caricature, the mistaken critical assumption that Ambrose Bierce was a sardonic misanthrope.
Among their topics are the Puritan crisis of subjectivity, Ambrose Bierce, the Ghost Dance, spiritualism, Edith Wharton, Stephen King, and the cultural capital of Witches in Salem.
Monroe and Ambrose Bierce may not give you nightmares, it will most certainly provide wickedly good listening.
Paper: "The Parallel Tracks of Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce," Lawrence I.
He mentions Willa Cather, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Hemingway, and Ring Lardner, of whom only Twain and Hemingway make their way into the parade as featured marchers.
com site are the complete works of Charles Dickens, as well as titles by Jane Austin, Hans Christian Andersen, Victor Appleton, Ambrose Bierce, Edward Bellamy, Frank L.
Written for history and Civil War scholars, this book examines the rhetoric from authors Henry James, Herman Melville, Ambrose Bierce, Paul Laurence Dunbar and James Russell Lowell to analyze cultural attitudes among Northerners about loss of community, ambivalence toward victory and rapidly changing politics.
Well, sorry, but if this is the sort of prose that makes one a 'legend' to the New York Times, these days, I can state with certainty that the truly great journalist/writers of the past- Lardner, Mencken, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Oscar Wilde- have little to fear in regards to usurpation of their laurels with this work.
A few years later, Ambrose Bierce instituted a different sort of wordplay, the cynical definition of a standard word.
Like Ambrose Bierce and his classic The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary, Dr.
His first writings were on literary topics, and his first book was a biography of his journalistic idol, Ambrose Bierce.