Ambrose Channel

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Am′brose Chan′nel

a ship channel at the entrance to New York harbor, near Sandy Hook. 7½ mi. (12 km) long.
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AMBROSE was built to mark the entrance to the Ambrose Channel, a deep water route through New York Harbor.
The sand placed on the island was dredged from the Ambrose Channel, part of the USACE New York/New Jersey Harbor Deepening Project.
1) were used to supplement the Ambrose Channel lightship (1941-1972, Fig.
Hourly air temperature (AT) and SST data from NOAA buoys (1985-2002) were used to calculate the observed difference between average monthly AT and average monthly SST for Ambrose Channel (Mar 1985 to Nov 1986), Five Fathom Bank (Mar, Apr 1987), Delaware (Feb to Apr 1991), and Chesapeake (Apr 1993 to Feb 1994, Dec 1994 to May 1995, Feb, Aug 1996).
The five Lightship tankers -- HMI Ambrose Channel, HMI Brenton Reef, HMI Cape Lookout Shoals, HMI Diamond Shoals, and HMI Nantucket Shoals -- are named after famous Coast Guard-maintained lightships of old.
Surfers don't want the beach filled in because it will wipe out what may be New Jersey's premier surf spot with stunning vistas of downtown New York City and the Ambrose Channel shipping lanes.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Hvide Marine Incorporated (OTC Bulletin Board: HVDM) today announced the first visit of the HMI Ambrose Channel, named for the Coast Guard lightship that formerly stood watch at the entrance of New York Harbor, to the Port of New York and New Jersey.
The HMI Ambrose Channel is equipped with state-of-the-art labor-saving and safety devices, including a Sperry Voyage Management System (VMS) that utilizes electronic charting for navigation.
The Company took delivery, through an affiliate, of its fourth double-hull "lightship tanker" in January from Newport News Shipbuilding, the HMI Ambrose Channel, a 46,000-dwt chemical carrier currently trading in the spot market.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Hvide Marine Incorporated (Nasdaq: HMAR) today announced the upcoming christening of the HMI Ambrose Channel, the first all-new petro-chemical carrier built in the United States in nearly two decades and the fourth in a series of five double-hull lightship tankers being built for Hvide by Newport News Shipbuilding under the Double Eagle program.
Two additional lightship tankers of the Double Eagle class, the HMI Brenton Reef and the HMI Ambrose Channel, are scheduled for delivery by mid-1999.