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v. t.1.To enamel.
Enlightened all with stars,
And richly ameled.
- Chapman.
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Fentolin remarked, as amel and Gerald re-entered the dining-room.
The emergence of alternative network offerings in the UK has increased competition in the market and will drive broadband growth more quickly than in other European markets,' Mr Amel said.
In 1997 two different families were rebuilding their amel on the island and were talking of re-instigating grade-taking ceremonies.
Arash Amel, senior analyst and head of Broadband Digital Media research at Screen Digest, a market research firm based in England, has commented on HandHeld Entertainment's acquisition strategy.
Amel Bouchoucha is now a happily married woman after tying the knot to her millionaire fiance Waleed Awada in a luxurious star-studded wedding reception in Beirut.
The lawmaker made these remarks during a handing over ceremony of an ambulance to the Islamic Health Committee of the Civil Defense, organized by Jabal Amel Municipalities Union.
Group A is composed of Amel Essouira (Morocco), Rayyan (Qatar), El Ahly (Egypt), Sayeb (Oman), Riyadhi (Lebanon) while Group C includes AS Sale (hosts), Birzeit (Palestine), Talel (Yemen), Kadhima (Kuwait) and Muharraq (Bahrain).
The young woman, who was identified as Souad Mustafa Kassab and believed to be in her 20s, was transferred to the Jabal Amel Public Hospital to undergo medical examinations that later determined drowning as the cause of death.
Security source told NINA that a car bomb exploded near a restaurant in Amel neighborhood, in central Kut, killing and wounding a number of civilians.
The committee's spokeswomen Amel al-Basha told saba that the committee would discuss in its coming meeting the draft action plan and timetable to complete carrying out the committee's tasks in order to submitting its final report to President Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi on 30 September in accordance with its formation decree issued on 14 July.
The company, in our eyes, is exiting a time when Shareholders are typically bored and when new shareholders look to come on-board as AMEL moves towards production.
It is not fair that they treat celebrities in a special way," the Daily Star quoted Amel Sahbaz, 23, who was visiting his 28-year-old brother, as saying.