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Noun1.Amelia Earhart - first woman aviator to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic (1928)Amelia Earhart - first woman aviator to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic (1928); while attempting to fly around the world she disappeared over the Pacific (1898-1937)
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FLIGHT OF FANCY: Lisa Wright plays aviator Amelia Earhart in Dreaming Amelia.
January 11 - Amelia Earhart is the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California.
Born on July 24, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas, Amelia Earhart was 10 years old when she saw her first plane at the Iowa State Fair.
Navy's newest resupply ship, USNS Amelia Earhart (T-AKE 6).
The whole world was saddened this summer when America's First Lady of Aviation, Amelia Earhart, came down at sea on the last lap of her round-the-world flight.
The set (designed by Allen Moyer) is a largely pink back-wall panel depicting the faces of famous women: the Mona Lisa, Patsy Cline and Amelia Earhart.
Dreaming Amelia charts the life of Betty, a poverty-stricken Welsh girl who has a life-changing meeting with American flyer Amelia Earhart.
The Company's other films are Fallacy, a dark comedy in the genre of Fargo, now in post production and seeking distribution, Earhart, a film which reveals the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart, and Say it in Russian, a romantic comedy.
SIR - Regarding the item about Amelia Earhart ("Squabble over claims to Earhart film story," Feb 19), it might be of interest to mention that Dai Harvey Thomas's boat was called the Black Pad, not the Black Patch.
The Navy announced yesterday (May 29) that the ship will be named USNS Amelia Earhart, in honor of the first woman to fly solo, non-stop across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
The Orange Line is under construction on Chandler, ground has been cleared for the new high school on Vineland, ground has been broken on the ``NoHo Towers,'' and our plaster Amelia Earhart has finally been replaced with a bronze likeness of the great aviator who once called NoHo home - not that she'd recognize it anymore.
Current film projects include "Earhart," a film by Director Richard Martini, which solves the mystery of what really happened to Amelia Earhart, "Fallacy," a dark comedy, edited by Academy Award Winner Scott Conrad, and "Say it in Russian.