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 (ə-mē′nə-bəl, ə-mĕn′ə-)
a. Willing to accept a suggestion or submit to authority: "a class that is all the more amenable to control for living perpetually under the threat of deportation" (Amitav Ghosh).
b. Ready to consent; agreeable: Are you amenable to a change in schedule?
2. Responsible to higher authority; accountable: amenable to the law. See Synonyms at responsible.
3. Susceptible or open, as to testing or criticism: "The phenomenon of mind ... is much more complex, though also more amenable to scientific investigation, than anyone suspected" (Michael D. Lemonick).

[Probably alteration of Middle English menable, from Old French, from mener, to lead, from Latin mināre, to drive, from minārī, to threaten, from minae, threats; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

a·me′na·bil′i·ty, a·me′na·ble·ness n.
a·me′na·bly adv.
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Noun1.amenability - the trait of being cooperativeamenability - the trait of being cooperative  
tractability, tractableness, flexibility - the trait of being easily persuaded


The quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others:


n (= responsiveness: of people) → Zugänglichkeit f; the amenability of these data to the theorydie Möglichkeit, diese Daten in die Theorie einzuordnen
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Pellegrini may have guided City through to the Champions League last 16 for the first time - but in a far more amenable group than those his predecessor was afforded.
7] proved then that Moore's theorem holds for CA on any amenable group, but fails for groups that have a free subgroup on two generators.
They are the most amenable group to supportive counseling.
In a groundbreaking paper [15], Shalom discovered deep connections between the representation theory of an amenable group and aspects of its large-scale geometry.
To see that the converse is not true, take for X the Cayley graph of a finitely generated amenable group [GAMMA] that contains an infinite binary tree (see Remark 3.
In this paper, we consider completely bounded surjective linear maps from the Fourier algebra of a locally compact amenable group into a completely contractive Banach algebra which is faithful and factors weakly.
1] (G) is [phi]-biflat if and only if G is an amenable group.
v) A locally compact group G is called inner amenable group if it admits an inner invariant mean on [L.
Let G be a group such that G surjects onto an amenable group H.
22] Watatani, Y, The character groups of amenable group [C.
Punch is a win-win, both for amenable groups of friends who can agree on their cocktail order and for restaurants and bars that can batch it ahead of time for easy service.
Several of his appendices also offer independent interest, covering amenable groups, Banach algebra, bundles of C*-algebras, groups, representations of C*-algebras, direct integrals, Effros's ideal center decomposition, the Fell topology.