American Sign Language

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American Sign Language

n. Abbr. ASL
The primary sign language used by deaf and hearing-impaired people in the United States and Canada, devised in part by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet on the basis of sign language in France. Also called Ameslan.

American sign language

See Ameslan

Amer′ican Sign′ Lan`guage

a visual-gesture language, having its own semantic and syntactic structure, used by deaf people in the U.S. and English-speaking parts of Canada. Abbr.: ASL
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Noun1.American Sign Language - the sign language used in the United StatesAmerican sign language - the sign language used in the United States
finger alphabet, manual alphabet - an alphabet used by the deaf; letters are represented by finger positions
sign language, signing - language expressed by visible hand gestures
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MYTH American Sign Language should not be used in the educational environment as it will detract from the learning of academic subjects and will impede the development of literacy in English.
A Historical and Etymological Dictionary of American Sign Language discusses how ASL came to be developed, and follows its evolution from early ASL creation until the late 19th century.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, hereinafter referred to as the "University", through its Purchasing Services Department, hereinafter referred to as "Purchasing," requests bids for the purchase of American Sign Language Interpreting Services.
We believe that those relationships and the learning infrastructure created by the college mark our program as an outstanding place for students to prepare for a great career as an American Sign Language interpreter.
American Sign Language (ASL) is the predominant sign language of deaf communities in the United States and most of anglophone Canada.
This course, like all of Learn & Master courses, is structured so that any student along the spectrum of “beginner” and “advanced” can learn American Sign Language at their own pace.
The study called for specialized mental health training for American Sign Language interpreters who work in psychiatric settings.
The Austin tour is the first GPS tour to be made available in American Sign Language and GPS hopes to replicate this model in other locations around the nation for those who use American Sign Language as their primary language.
The videophone booths reportedly connect to a nationwide network of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.
A very affordably priced hardcover picturebook, Help Me Learn Counting 1-10 in American Sign Language is a counting book with a twist - it shows children how to make the American Sign Language handsign for each number from one to ten.
Barwacz, who is not, envision the town they want to create here: a place built around American Sign Language, where teachers will sign, the town council will hold its debates in sign language, and restaurant workers will be required to know how to sign orders.
I wonder if the same brain regions would respond similarly in people who "speak" American Sign Language or Morse code.

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