adj.1.of or pertaining to American Indians
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SIMI VALLEY - When she was 30, Corina Roberts developed an intense interest in American-Indian culture that gave her a new direction and eventually helped enrich the lives of hundreds of others.
She established the foundation in 1994 to encourage appreciation of American-Indian culture and promote tolerance and respect.
An honest account of the so-called American-Indian War would interrogate the power struggles behind the mechanisms of government and continue this investigation through the present day.
Specific research on the sex roles of American-Indian women is lacking in mental health counseling.
Truly, mental health counselors are essential to the successful treatment of American-Indian behavioral health concerns.
The potential for the client and the mental health counselor to have access to different information may cause difficulty in identifying the attributions of American-Indian women, thus impeding appropriate treatment planning.
For purposes of the present study, identification with American-Indian and White-American or Anglo cultures were quantified.
2%) with anomic identification, not indicating high identification with either American-Indian or Anglo culture; (b) 47 (30.
Service programs may not be sufficiently sensitive to traditional American Indian values, and services may be provided in a less than culturally appropriate manner; if so, individuals with traditional American-Indian cultural identification would tend to be less satisfied with services and programs.
PHOTO American-Indian tribal leaders from California acknowledge supporters Monday as they enter the Los Angeles Federal Building.
The scope of the state lottery and gambling on California's American-Indian reservations was at stake Thursday as horse racing and tribal interests and the state argued before the state Supreme Court on the legality of the lottery's keno game.
The suit by thoroughbred horse trainers and a pachinko parlor company could affect more than 7,500 slot machines, which state officials say are operating illegally on American-Indian reservations.

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