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Noun1.Americanisation - assimilation into American culture
assimilation, absorption - the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another
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THE creeping Americanisation of the English language is annoying.
Americanisation is seen as a bad thing, but Fulton doesn't buy it.
Although theoretical and empirical efforts to frame and evidence the Americanisation of administrative law and regulatory governance, a metrical measure for assessing the extent of convergence is still lacking.
a the in that all next year Entire localities have been cleared of residential properties and family-run small businesses and enterprises to pave the way for Americanisation of this region by building numerous dual-carriageways through the heart of this city.
Juke Box Britain: Americanisation and Youth Culture, 1945-60.
I NOTE with interest the fuddy duddy com-plaints about the Americanisation of British racing.
Sir - i wholeheartedly agree with those of your readers who complain of the deterioration in the Welsh atmosphere at the Millennium Stadium; in particular, the Americanisation thereof in some respects.

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