1. One who studies a facet of America, such as its history or geology.
2. A specialist in the study of American aboriginal cultures or languages.
3. One that is sympathetic to the United States and its policies.


a person who studies some aspect of America, such as its history or languages


(əˈmɛr ɪ kə nɪst)

1. a student of America, esp. of its history, culture, and geography.
2. a specialist in the cultures or languages of American Indians.
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A simple majority of her constituents need to learn and embrace Americanist principles.
This Article, written for a symposium on the fiftieth anniversary of Dignitatis Humanae, or the Roman Catholic Church's Declaration on Religious Freedom, traces a brief history of Catholic constitutionalism from the Americanist controversy of the late nineteenth century up until the issuance of Dignitatis Humanae as part of the Second Vatican Council in 1965.
In its critical agenda, Cosmopolitan Desires follows a similar planetary-oriented will: it moves beyond a Latin Americanist perspective--the framework construed by Siskind as dominant in academic debates about the region--by discarding an inwardlooking, national or continental understanding of texts and embracing a wider approach that invokes and criticizes the paradigm of "World Literature.
Transcendental Resistance: The New Americanists and Emerson's Challenge is a welcome contribution to Emerson scholarship, which has become something of a catalogue of "anti-Emersonian" excess with the rise of New Americanist criticism.
The "our" in his title refers to the American reception of Conrad, and Mallios's main purpose is to demonstrate to the Americanist community that this British-Polish writer is also an American figure inasmuch as his extraordinary, rapid rise to celebrity here in the 1920s and 30s is a function of the domestic social, political, and cultural uses to which his person and his works were put.
In addition, there were a handful of presentations on Americanist topics read by scholars who are not part of the Society (although a number of us did some proselytizing, and SAM will perhaps gain a few members as a result).
Lisa Lowe's Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics (1996) enabled me to conceptualize my research of Chinese immigrants through the lens of Asian Americanist critique.
Rather, it is to question how the continuity between the two might prove limiting for African Americanist criticism.
In a secular and politically integrationist and Latin Americanist country, the Catholic organization and the US government, especially that of Bush, are repudiated by progressive sectors, not only the Frente Amplio but also other progressive parties.
Johannes Voelz's Transcendental Resistance takes issue with the New Americanist interpretive paradigm in American Studies and cultural criticism.
The perception of danger resulting from the Christian Americanist interpretation of pluralism has led many to actively work against Pluralism in public schools.
This condition begs the question of the location of Latin Americanist criticism within the larger U.