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a species of primitive ray-finned fish
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Noun1.amia - type genus of the AmiidaeAmia - type genus of the Amiidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Amiidae, family Amiidae - only the bowfins
Amia calva, bowfin, dogfish, grindle - primitive long-bodied carnivorous freshwater fish with a very long dorsal fin; found in sluggish waters of North America
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The decision to put Kirchner and the former government officials on trial dates back to the accusation made in 2015 by the late Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor charged with investigating Iran's alleged role in the AMIA bombing.
The agreement created a joint commission to investigate the AMIA bombing that critics said was really a means to absolve Iran.
Coming on the heels of the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, the local Jewish community was especially on edge.
It was initially planned as an Aerotropolis or an 'Airport City' to serve the AMIA - the world's largest greenfield airport development with a design capacity to handle 220 million passengers and 16 million tons of cargo per annum with five runways, six terminal buildings.
Argentinian Foreign Minister Hector Timerman resigned from his position in the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association in 2015, criticizing AMIA leaders for blocking a deal with Iran to jointly probe into a deadly bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994.
Yet the AMIA bombing encapsulates why Rafsanjani was so significant: He succeeded in convincing observers of his moderation at the same time his government funded a globe-spanning terrorist network and helped make the Islamic Republic into an ever-more mainstream member of the international community without sacrificing the regime's ideological trappings or expansionist aims.
The build-operate-transfer (BOT) model is being "explored" with international outfits for major components and systems to be built for AMIA, Zaffin added.
NYSE: BAX) is expanding the introduction of its AMIA Automated Peritoneal Dialysis System with the Sharesource Connectivity Platform to Canada with the announcement that Health Canada recently approved the system, the company said.
Major themes are justice and Jewish identity in the aftermath of the AMIA bombing.
However the first right of refusal or the ability to match competing offers has been given to CIBC, and the right to exercise it ends on August 9th, according to TD Bank and Amia.
Luego, se analizara la conexion local del atentado contra la AMIA, y la consiguiente obstruccion a la justicia, en la que aparecen involucrados personeros del gobierno argentino y de la dirigencia comunitaria judia argentina.