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a.1.Resembling amianthus.
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Five microscopic features are seen: (a) compressed remnants of lymphoid tissue at the periphery; (b) spindle cells with nuclear palisading; (c) intraparenchymal hemorrhage and erythrocyte extravasation; (d) so-called amianthoid fibers; and (e) intracellular and extracellular fuchsinophilic bodies that stain positive for smooth muscle actin.
Weiss and colleagues (4) first proposed the name palisaded myofibroblastoma, although the alternate names intranodal hemorrhagic spindle-cell tumor with amianthoid fibers and solitary spindle cell tumor with myoid differentiation of the lymph node were initially used as well by Suster and Rosai (5) and Lee et al, (6) respectively.
Fourth, collagenous bundles of so-called amianthoid fibers are distributed throughout the lesion, and have a darker eosinophilic center surrounded by a paler eosinophilic, stellate-shaped periphery (Figure 4, A).