n.1.Deprivation; loss.
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This is what Bulgarian Vice President Iliyana Yotova said during the opening of the National Forum of Bulgarians from Balkan Countries aMission a Heritage'', FOCUS News Agency reported.
Amission statement for Interfaith Studies should always include the following points:
In case ofsignature of the ICC, the operator will entrust the architect presented as part of this consultation aMission wearing a minima on the design of the structure (APS phases, PC and PRO).
The government expelled evangelists and nationalized amission hospital in Amarah.
Gaga did not reveal which Dubai designer she was wearing, but said she was on amission to support local talent during her stay in the UAE.
Yes, but if you went through the list of foods carefully, you will notice a glaring amission - grains, legumes and cereal.
NICOSIA, February 9, 2013 (WAFA) - Cyprus announced on Friday that it has decided to upgrade the status of Palestine's diplomaticoffice in Nicosia from amission to an embassy.
AMISSION to raise pounds 50,000 to jet a schoolboy to America for a life-changing leg operation got off to a flying start after reaching pounds 10,000 in just four weeks.
The compilation is the brainchild of Fairport Convention guitarist Maartin Allcock, who said: "The concept of a CD occurred to me when I saw the red bird flying down the coast on amission.
Hinting thathewouldwant Gatland to stay on beyond next year's World Cup, Pickering continued: "We went out on amission three years ago to get what we thought was the leading candidate.
He said: "We were on amission to attack the oil refinery in the town andmyaircraft was returning when it was attacked.