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n.1.An abbes or spiritual mother.
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On the other hand, one thanaweya amma student said that the power is in the people's hands this year.
Martin Quinn spokesman for the Tipperary Peace Prize said: "One person nominated Amma for her work in spreading peace.
This was our second trip to India to visit Amma in the town of Malaikodi, near Vellore, an extremely poor section of southern India.
All spiritual teachers, including Amma and Krishna, tell us that we shouldn't desire any fruits of our actions.
Like thousands of other would-be first time buyers, Amma, 23, is worried about taking on a mortgage.
All together: If I 'ad an Amma, I'd Amma in the morning, I'd Amma in the evening.
HOUSE mother Betty was relied on by the others but branded a bore by viewers - despite raising eyebrows with her three-in-the-bath birthday romp with Amma and Helen.
Amma, a lap dancer from Deptford, London, plans to find a new career and revealed she had been considering giving it up for some time.
Expect argumentative Amma, who has nominated Paul every week, to pay the price this time as we march
Hills has Dean at 11-4 with stripper Amma in second place, while Paddy Power puts him at 5-1.
Majority Organetix shareholder Amma Corporation, which is controlled by Organetix President and CEO L.
a Amma gives a fresh update on how wealthy ( read ' greedy') our politicians are.