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 (ä-män′, ä′män)
The capital and largest city of Jordan, in the northwest part of the country. Occupying a site inhabited since prehistoric times, the city was known as Philadelphia while the Romans and Byzantines controlled it.


(Placename) the capital of Jordan, northeast of the Dead Sea: ancient capital of the Ammonites, rebuilt by Ptolemy in the 3rd century bc. Pop: 1 292 000 (2005 est). Ancient names: Rabbath Ammon or Philadelphia


(ɑˈmɑn, ˈɑ mɑn)

the capital of Jordan, in the W part. 777,500. Also called Rabbah, Rabbath.
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Noun1.Amman - the capital and largest city of JordanAmman - the capital and largest city of Jordan
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Jordan - an Arab kingdom in southwestern Asia on the Red Sea


[əˈmɑːn] NAmmán m
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Maani indicated there are dozens of municipal projects and initiatives taking place currently in the Amman Valley, which stretches 14km from Marka Airport to Prince Hussein Field, linking the east and west of the capital,.
Summary: Starting Saturday, Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) is dedicating a number of locations to outdoor vendors for free till Eid Al-Fitr;
Byline: Limitless' $300m Sanaya Amman is scheduled for completion in the next three years.
From its hub at Sharjah (next door to Dubai), current Air Arabia destinations include Aleppo and Damascus (Syria); Alexandria, Assiut, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt); Aqaba and Amman (Jordan); Astana and Almaty (Kazakhstan); Bahrain; Beirut (Lebanon); Colombo (Sri Lanka); Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Doha (Qatar); Khartoum (Sudan); Kuwait; Mumbai and Nagpur (India); Muscat (Oman); Sana'a (Yemen); Sharjah (UAE) and Tehran (Iran).
UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw arrives in Amman and meets King Abdullah.
Water was successfully transferred to Amman and Zarqa from Azraq in the east (1979), and Wadi Wala in the south (1988).
Yet shortly after the prince returned from his visit to his father at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, he gave a rare interview to an Arab-language weekly noting that he had been crown prince himself until he was 3 and that there was nothing to prevent reverting to the traditional line of succession - the first indication to palace-watchers in Amman that such a change was being contemplated.
Amman has re-assumed the position of president of New Valley Corporation (NYSE: NVL).
The official signing of the PSA took place at the offices of the Natural Resources Authority in Amman and was attended by several members of the Jordanian Cabinet, Government officials, individuals from the local business and finance community, and the US Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Mr.
Amman, Nov 10 (Petra) -- Visiting Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, accompanied by a high-level delegation including Paphos Mayor Phedon Phedonos, Tuesday called on the Amman Municipality to discuss cooperation between the two cities.
RJ President/CEO Amer Hadidi said there will be two weekly flights between Amman and Algiers, on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Belle Vue Hotels, part of the Amlak Hotels and Tourism Investment Company, has appointed Ahmed Al Sharif to the position of general manager for Belle Vue Hotel Amman.