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Entry is pounds 10 and every entrant will receive a 12ft Fladen Beachcaster, a small box of ragworm, donated by Seabait Limited, a supply of frozen mackerel, donated by Ammodyte Limited, plus 12 months' free membership of the National Federation of Sea Anglers.
Entry is pounds 10 and EVERY competitor will receive a 12ft Fladen Beachcaster, 12 months' free membership of the National Federation of Sea Anglers, a small box of Sea Bait ragworm and a supply of frozen mackerel donated by Ammodyte Ltd.
Hemorrhagic stomatitis in a natural hybrid of Vipera ammodytes x Vipera berus due to inappropriate substrate in terrarium.
gorbuscha; walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma; saffron cod, Pacific sand lance, Ammodytes hexapterus; and Pacific sandfish, Trichodon trichodon.
Diel vertical migration and feeding rhythm of the larvae of the Japanese sandeel Ammodytes personatus.
DA, Tridentiger kuroiwae, Eviota prasina, Entomacrodus striatus, Istiblennius bilitonesis, Lateolabrax japonicus, Apogon semilineatus, Pagrus major, Zoarces elongates, Ammodytes personatus, Trichiurus japonicus, Arctoscopus japonicus, Takifugu niphobles, Rudarius ercodes, and Paralichthys olivaceus) (Hara and Okiyama, 1998; Ishijima et al, 1998).
Molecular phylogeography of the nose-horned viper (Vipera ammodytes, Linnaeus (1758): Evidence for high genetic diversity and multiple refugia in the Balkan peninsula.
35) En estudios recientes se aislaron dos activadores del factor X del veneno de Vipera ammodytes ammodytes, con un alto potencial para el tratamiento de pacientes con disfuncion de los factores IXa o VIIa.
Neurotoxinas herpeticas del tipo PLA2 y su Clase Nombre Especie Subunidades I Ammodytoxina A Vipera ammodytes ammodytes 1 Notexina 11-5 Notechis scutacus scutacus 1 Pseudexin A Pseudechis porphyriacus 1 II Crotoxina GeneroCrotalus 2 III Beta-Bungarotoxina Bungarus multicinctus 2 IV Taipotoxina Oxyuranus scutellas 3 Textilotoxina Pseudonaj a textilis textilis 5
Key words: Ammodytes personatus, Pacific Sand Lance, Puget Sound, Salish Sea