marram grass

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mar·ram grass

[Of Scandinavian origin; see mori- in Indo-European roots.]

marram grass

(Plants) any of several grasses of the genus Ammophila, esp A. arenaria, that grow on sandy shores and can withstand drying: often planted to stabilize sand dunes
[C17 marram, from Old Norse marálmr, from marr sea + hálmr haulm]

mar′ram grass`

(ˈmær əm)
a beach grass, Ammophilaarenaria, that inhibits erosion.
[1630–40; orig. East Anglian dial.; < Old Norse marálmr=marr sea (see mere2) + hálmr grass (see haulm)]

marram grass

nStrandhafer m, → Dünengras nt
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Like Ammophila arenaria caryopses grown in the laboratory [2], the caryopses of these species have an optimal germination in the temperature range 15-25[degrees]C.
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