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n.1.(Greek Antiq.) A woman's headband (sometimes of metal), for binding the front hair.
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Objective: Ampyx Power develops the PowerPlane, an Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES).
Ampyx Power aspires to manufacture and sell PowerPlane systems, as well as deliver operational and maintenance services to wind park owners.
and Nileus armadillo in the west, and the latter together with Asaphus raniceps, Ampyx nasutus and Illaenus incisus in the east (Modlinski 1973; Modlinski & Szymanski 1997, 2001).
The Volkhovian contains Ampyx nasutus, Ptychopyge plautini, Asaphus lepidurus, Megistaspis 'limbata ' and M.
popovkiensis Balashova appears first, followed by Ampyx simonkovensis Balashova, which much resembles Lonchodomas Angelin.
Occurrences are also known from limestones of the Killerod Formation in Scania, southern Sweden (Mansson 1995), and in the Vollen Formation (formerly Ampyx Limestone) in Norway (Nikolaisen 1963).