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A city of northwest India near the Pakistani border. Founded in 1577 by the fourth guru of the Sikhs, Ram Das (1534-1581), it has remained the center of the Sikh faith. In the Amritsar massacre of April 13, 1919, hundreds of Indian nationalists were killed by British-led troops.


(Placename) a city in India, in NW Punjab: centre of the Sikh religion; site of a massacre in 1919 of unarmed supporters of Indian self-government by British troops; in 1984 the Golden Temple, fortified by Sikhs, was attacked by Indian troops with the loss of many Sikh lives. Pop: 975 695 (2001)


(əmˈrɪt sər)

a city in NW Punjab, in NW India: site of the Golden Temple. 708,835.
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The first halt which the detachment of invalids made was some miles from their barracks, on the Amritsar road, and ten miles distant from my house.
He said that it is apparent that the voters of Amritsar want a change from tyranny, non- governance, goonda raj, state sponsored infiltration of drugs into their daily life and lack of employment and development, and added that the BJP, rather than gracefully accepting this position, is now using falsification as a tactic to mislead the voters.
IN A major embarrassment to the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal ( SAD)- BJP coalition in Punjab, BJP MLA from East Amritsar Dr.
7 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun jailtey filed his nomination from his constituency Amritsar on Monday.
He said to Jaitley, "before you get into any national debate you get to know about Amritsar, future of this city, you must talk about Punjab, our problems and then we will need to talk on national issues.
THE flaring up of political differences between BJP MP from Amritsar Navjot Sidhu and the Shiromani Akali Dal ( SAD) leadership in Punjab could lead to a major loss for the BJP.
Tenders are invited for Tender For Hiring A Suitable Building To House Vijay Nagar Post Office At Vijay Nagar Locality Amritsar
1 ( ANI ): Congress legislators and leaders from Amritsar on Tuesday blamed Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia for betraying and sabotaging the development of the city just to satisfy his bloated ego and not letting sitting MP Navjot Singh Sidhu to succeed.
Among these are Amritsar- Delhi Shatabdi, Amritsar- Haridwar Janshatabdi, Amritsar- Delhi Inter- city, Bhiwani- Delhi- Kalka Ekta Express and Mumbai- Amritsar Golden Temple Express.
Pre Qualification: Tender For Hiring A Suitable Building For Housing Ramdass So At Ramdass Locality Amritsar
28 lakh more than the price of the vehicle for which it was paid," Amritsar district transport officer Angrez Singh Hundal said.