Amu Darya

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A·mu Dar·ya

 (ä′mo͞o där′yə, ə-mo͞o′ dŭr-yä′) Formerly Ox·us (ŏk′səs)
A river of Central Asia flowing about 2,575 km (1,600 mi) generally northwest from the Pamir Mountains to the southern Aral Sea. In ancient times it figured significantly in the history of Persia and in the campaigns of Alexander the Great.

Amu Darya

(Russian aˈmu darˈja)
(Placename) a river in central Asia, rising in the Pamirs and flowing northwest through the Hindu Kush and across Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to its delta in the Aral Sea: forms much of the N border of Afghanistan and is important for irrigation. Length: 2400 km (1500 miles). Ancient name: Oxus

A•mu Dar•ya

(ˈɑ mu ˈdɑr yə)
a river in central Asia, flowing NW from the Pamirs to the Aral Sea. ab. 1400 mi. (2250 km) long. Also called Oxus.
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Amid the supply crunch, CNPC, which operates gas production assets at its Amu River project in Turkmenistan, is maximizing output with a daily rate exceeding 38 million cubic meters, CNPC said last week.
Amu river which is border between tajikistan and Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and turkmenistan and Afghanistan originates from Wakhan.
The villagers have said that Turkmen forces are grabbing their land on an island that was formed several years ago in the Amu River, which serves as part of the border between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.
Jawzjan deputy governor Abdul Rahman Mahmoudi said the Kalfat port had been a major trade centre for residents living on both sides of the Amu River until mid-1960s before the establishment of the Hairatan dry port.
China is also exploring for gas and oil in the Amu River Basin area in Northern Afghanistan bordering Tajikistan.
It borders the Caspian Sea to the west, the Amu River and Uzbekistan to the east, Afghanistan to the southeast and Kazakhstan to the north.
The three biggest contracts awarded by the Ministry of Mines and Industry are Hajigak in Bamiyan province, Asia's biggest untapped iron ore deposit, which was given to an Indian group in November 2011; Aynak copper mine in Logar province, which was granted to a Chinese consortium in November 2007; and oil in the Amu River Zone whose extraction by the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation is expected to reach 150,000 barrels by March 2013.
There is a gas field] on the banks of the Amu River that is closer to China, and from there we will supply China with 30 billion cubic meters of gas via Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and on to Shanghai," Niyazov said.
Contracts for the cooper mine in Logar, iron mine in Bamyan, gas and petroleum in Amu River Basin in the north were awarded in line with the procedures followed in India, Africa and South America.
He also recalled the two countries' cooperation in borders, adding they would soon open another bridge on Amu River on Afghanistan border so that the people of the two countries could follow their trading dealings through the bridge.
by Gul Mohammad Tanha on 23 June, 2014 - 12:37 FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Overflowing Amu River poses a serious threat to the people of the Shahr-i-Bozurg district of northeastern Badakhshan province, residents said on Monday.
I could jump over the Amu River to get to the other side of the Central Asian countries but in order to transfer money from Kabul to Dushanbe it takes more than ten days.