Amu Darya

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A·mu Dar·ya

 (ä′mo͞o där′yə, ə-mo͞o′ dŭr-yä′) Formerly Ox·us (ŏk′səs)
A river of Central Asia flowing about 2,575 km (1,600 mi) generally northwest from the Pamir Mountains to the southern Aral Sea. In ancient times it figured significantly in the history of Persia and in the campaigns of Alexander the Great.

Amu Darya

(Russian aˈmu darˈja)
(Placename) a river in central Asia, rising in the Pamirs and flowing northwest through the Hindu Kush and across Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to its delta in the Aral Sea: forms much of the N border of Afghanistan and is important for irrigation. Length: 2400 km (1500 miles). Ancient name: Oxus

A•mu Dar•ya

(ˈɑ mu ˈdɑr yə)
a river in central Asia, flowing NW from the Pamirs to the Aral Sea. ab. 1400 mi. (2250 km) long. Also called Oxus.
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