Amun Ra

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Noun1.Amun Ra - Egyptian sun godAmun Ra - Egyptian sun god; supreme god of the universe in whom Amen and Ra were merged; principal deity during Theban supremacy
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The great sea of sand can be used for sand boarding, whileyou can visit pharaonic monuments, such as the mountain of the dead and the temple of Amun Ra in the Dakrur mountain are nearby.
We're getting in some nice two-year-olds such as Amun Ra, who is one to follow, as is an unnamed full-brother to Sutton Veny.
Whitsell lists some of the African-American theatres based in Nashville: SistaS-tyle Productions, Dream 7 Theatre Productions, Collards & Caviar Productions, Nairobi Cafe, American Negro Playwright Theatre and the Amun Ra Theatre.