An abstract idea

(Metaph.) an idea separated from a complex object, or from other ideas which naturally accompany it; as the solidity of marble when contemplated apart from its color or figure.

See also: Abstract

References in classic literature ?
But a command is an abstract idea, and it seemed a sort of "lesser marvel" till it flashed upon me that it involved the concrete existence of a ship.
Under Alice, patents are not valid if they claim an abstract idea and do not include an inventive concept.
In another prosecution proceeding, a colleague successfully overcame an Alice rejection based on being an abstract idea for "merely calculating" by amending the claims to further limit the calculation function to a device to "continually calculate" and a control function to a controller to "continually control" a component of the claimed device.
The next step is to create more designs that support the (Do Good Be Happy) motto, so that it resonates with customers on more than just as an abstract idea.
Specifically, the patent claims were found to be invalid because they were drawn to an abstract idea, and "merely requiring generic computer implementation failed to transform that abstract idea into a patent-eligible invention.
explain that by limiting an abstract idea to one field of use does not
An anthropologist of Christianity, Hovland describes how the Norwegians who started Lutheran missions in the British Colony of Natal and the neighboring kingdom of Zululand, began with an abstract idea of equality between all Christians, whether European or African, but ended up developing patterns of interaction that facilitated European rule over African converts, and began talking about a theological justification for European political rule over African populations.
6) While [section] 101 prescribes whether claims are patent eligible, the courts have struggled to determine an appropriate test or standard to analyze whether the patent claim is a law of nature, physical phenomenon, or an abstract idea, especially in the software and biotechnology industries.
It's not enough, he said, "to take an abstract idea while adding the word computer to it.
We designed this competition to maximise the learning process of this entrepreneurial journey - that is, how to go from an abstract idea to a fully-developed Windows Phone 8 app available to millions of consumers worldwide.
And that is precisely why "photography is a fine art, a medium of expression which permits one person to convey to another an abstract idea of a lofty emotion".
Bilski's invention was unpatentable as an abstract idea.