Analytical table

(Nat. Hist.) a table in which the characteristics of the species or other groups are arranged so as to facilitate the determination of their names.

See also: analytical

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Tenders Are Invited For Supply of Laboratory Furniture:Double Analytical table, fame cup board, Instrument table, Balance table, computer table, revolving chair, revolving stool, work desk etc.
However, to help the reader, Tamen provides an analytical table of contents at the end of the book, which summarizes the main flow of the book in a few pages.
It is impossible to lose the thread in this book, which contains an introduction, seven chapters, notes, an analytical table of contents for Human, All Too Human, and two indexes, one for passages cited from Human, All Too Human, the other for subjects and proper names.
In other words, it was a grand occasion to establish what anthropology can bring to the analytical table when examining unions generally and more specifically, the question posed on the dust jacket: given that unions deliver a 'union premium' to their members, why are so few workers now union members?
3) A detailed analytical table of contents of the entire Vyakhya, showing that the sections edited and translated in this book amount to something less than twenty per cent of the whole.
This edition provides at the end an analytical table of contents (from the 1931 edition), a short translation key, and an index of names and subjects.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Lab double analytical table
Based on theoretical sources ranging from Greimas, Todorov, and Genette, the work provides well over a dozen analytical tables.
The numerous analytical tables, descriptive charts, and sectional divisions are useful for the reader, but they frequently interrupt the discussion.
Covering 185 countries and areas of the world, analytical tables summarize national account estimates for the years 1995-2006, based on data gathered using the United Nations national accounts questionnaire.
Analytical tables with the restated amounts will be provided in the Company's earnings release.
He often adds tabulated material, some of it very useful, such as the analytical tables for each book (pp.
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