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 (ə-năng′kē, ə-năn′-)
A satellite of Jupiter.

[Greek Anankē, mother by Zeus of Adrasteia, distributor of rewards and punishments, from anankē, necessity; akin to Old Irish écen and Welsh angen, necessity, constraining circumstance, and Hittite ḫenkan, fateful death.]


(Astronomy) a small outer satellite of Jupiter
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107) In this sense we might call ananke hypothetical necessity, as does Taylor in his commentary (303), though "generative necessity" might be more descriptive.
But Communist scripts are the grounding story from which its puppet subjects had to turn eyes and heads away, towards the inflexible necessity, the ananke mimicked by the very law.
Carone's strategy is to work through each text patiently and then eventually to assimilate them to a single cosmological picture of the cosmos as an interplay of several features, nous and ananke, a cosmic teleology, the presence of the world soul in nature, and the identity of the cosmos with the divine.
unending strife between what Freud also calls "Eros and Ananke,
Shakespeare settles his playgoers, and also enhances the fatality of the plot, giving it something of the tense, unalterable ananke of the Greek myths.
Carchio, 'La scoberta di un Michelozzo inedito: una scala dimenticata nel convento dell'Annunziata', Ananke (Dipartimento di Progettaziene dell'Architettura, Politecnico di Milano), no.
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The tone of the story makes it quite clear that Cain's evil deed did not come from the prompting of some malign demigod, as is so often the explanation for human evil in other ancient literatures; nor was it the result of dread Ananke, the inexorable Necessity of the Greek tragedians.
Lachesis and the two other daughters of Ananke (cf.
Although critics have been confused by the concept of Ananke in particular, and by its function in the Empedoclean system generally (Guthrie 162-63), an affinity between Empedoclean Ananke and Darwinian "struggle for survival" occurs easily in the imagination if not in fact.
As I have shared with other students, in classical Greek, ananke means destiny.
You go into the world in a time of enormous challenges and consequential choices, which the Greeks summed up in the word: ananke.