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n. Hinduism
One of the principal Hindu deities, worshiped as the protector and preserver of worlds. Vishnu is often conceived as a member of the trimurti along with Brahma and Shiva.

[Sanskrit Viṣṇuḥ.]


(Hinduism) Hinduism the Pervader or Sustainer: originally a solar deity occupying a secondary place in the Hindu pantheon; later one of the three chief gods, the second member of the Trimurti; and, later still, the saviour appearing in many incarnations
[C17: from Sanskrit Viṣṇu, literally: the one who works everywhere]
ˈVishnuˌism n


(ˈvɪʃ nu)

“the Preserver,” the second member of the Hindu Trimurti, along with Brahma the Creator and Shiva the Destroyer, believed to have descended from heaven to earth in several incarnations.
[< Skt viṣṇu]
Vish′nu•ism, n.
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Noun1.Vishnu - the sustainerVishnu - the sustainer; a Hindu divinity worshipped as the preserver of worlds
Trimurti - the triad of divinities of later Hinduism
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