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a.1.Pertaining to a process or a style of printing from characters in relief on zinc plates.
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This anastatic facsimile copy of the original Declaration was not even known to exist prior to its discovery by Lingenfelter nearly twenty years ago.
50, Atmul 84 and Dimul S food-grade mold-release, anastatic and antifogging agents for polyolefins and PVC.
Similarly, Consolo contributed to the anastatic reprinting of the periodical Lunario siciliano because he considered that journal indicative "of what can happen when a country is oppressed by a dictatorship, when civilization is overthrown.
His Tractatus de concilio was reprinted for the seventh time in 1903 (an anastatic reproduction of Coleti's 1728 edition) in vol.
For instance, Hoven cites the anastatic reprints of sixteenth century editions contained in the 1962 Opera omnia of Lorenzo Valla, despite the fact that many of the works in this collection have been republished in more critical editions since 1970.