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A broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic, C14H14N8O4S3, that is given intravenously in the form of its sodium salt.



n cefazolina
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Medication orders are changed to: NSS at 50 ml/hr, Vicodin (every 4-6 hours PRN), Dulcolax (100 mg PO daily), and continue with current treatment with Ancef (I g every eight hours IV).
4 or increasing ctx's or ROM Ancef 1gm IVPB now Tylenol 2 tabs prn fever or headache Zofran 4mg IVP Q 4hours prn Ambien 5mg PO QHS prn Betamethasone 12 mg IM for 2 days Jackie Midwife, CNM
The facts are simple: I have a potentially life-threatening reaction to certain types of anesthesia and I am allergic to Ancef, an antibiotic.
54) With SmithKline's cephalosporin Ancef identical to Lilly's drug Kefzol, the two pharmaceutical manufacturers were in direct competition with one another on one product line.
Lilly, good A was Keflin, a cephalosporin sold by Lilly under patent protection and good B was Lilly's Kefzol, a cephalosporin that was identical to SmithKline's competing Ancef product.
A good example is cephalosporin (generic name) and a few of the brand names you might see: Ancef, Ceflin, Keflex, Rocephin, and Zinacef.
Males (n = 14) (a) Females (n = 15) (a) Alcohol consumption 64 (b) 20 (b) Smoking 50 33 Use of cocaine 21 13 Medication used (c) Dopamine 86 66 Dilantin 14 27 Solu-Medrol 43 13 Ancef 57 40 Mannitol 36 47 Pitressin 43 20 Lasix 43 33 Decadron 21 27 (a) Twenty-nine (14 males and 15 females) of the 35 organ donors included in this study were eligible with respect to use of medication, drug abuse, and smoking and drinking habits.
She returned with clindamycin, an alternative antibiotic, and having learned her lesson from the Ancef offered me the IV bag to examine.
40) More specifically, SmithKline alleged that Lilly's rebate program worked to discourage its customers from purchasing SmithKline's cephalosporin product, Ancef, by requiring those customers to purchase specified quantities of at least three of Lilly's cephalosporin products.