Anchor space

1.(Billiards) In the balk-line game, any of eight spaces, 7 inches by 3½, lying along a cushion and bisected transversely by a balk line. Object balls in an anchor space are treated as in balk.
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The northern anchor space for what was formerly Crossroads Mall is owned by DLH Properties LLC.
This anchor space was occupied by a Dillard's Men's Store earlier, which decided to consolidate its department stores at the mall into a single renovated anchor space.
3 million square feet of anchor space faces potential vacancy, there is a large number of big-box retailers seeking to occupy vacant space.
The property not being able to fill the anchor space is a sign of longer term trouble," Jellinek said.
Maclay leased 34,000 square feet of anchor space in the shopping center to Jumping World, a family-friendly trampoline and entertainment park, and an additional 1,000 square feet of premiere space to SZ Studio Fitness for Zumba, yoga, and fitness classes.
Sportsman's Warehouse, a Utah-based retailer carrying hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor gear, is taking over the 49,000-square-foot anchor space that had been occupied by Sears.
Several additional buildings for retailers surround the Walmart anchor space.
We'll be co-sharing an anchor space, if you will, with Bi-Mart," Germann says.
According to published reports, the new grocery will occupy a 43,000-square-foot anchor space formerly occupied by a Vons grocery store that closed in August 2004.
He said the main anchor space could be marketed to one tenant or could be split up among numerous smaller tenants.
Within the past couple of weeks, Tresierras officials have met with Santa Clarita officials, seeking help in attracting one or more tenants for the anchor space.