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(French masena)
(Biography) André (ɑ̃dre), Prince d'Essling. 1758–1817, French marshal under Napoleon I: victories at Saorgio (1794), Loano (1795), Rivoli (1797), Zürich (1799), and Caldiero (1805): defeated by Wellington in the Peninsular War (1810–11)


(mæs eɪˈnɑ)

André, duc de Rivoli and Prince d'Essling, 1758–1817, French marshal under Napoleon I.
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Total quantity or scope: The Group purchases the French Riviera, including the media establishment is the Lycee Andre Massena in Nice, awards public contracts on behalf of its members, a hundred schools of Alpes-Maritimes.
Napoleon's highly competent subordinate, Marshal Andre Massena, is incorrectly identified as "Andrea," and Marshal Nicolas Soult, the Duke of Dalmatia, is called the "Duke de Soult.