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 (və-rō′kē-ō, vĕr-rōk′kyō), Andrea del Originally Andrea di Michele di Francesco Cione. 1435-1488.
Florentine sculptor and painter who was a tutor of Leonardo da Vinci and is best known for a magnificent equestrian statue in Venice.


(vəˈrəʊkɪˌəʊ; Italian verˈrɔkkjo)
(Biography) Andrea del (anˈdrɛːa del). 1435–88, Italian sculptor, painter, and goldsmith of the Florentine school: noted esp for the equestrian statue of Bartolommeo Colleoni in Venice


(vəˈroʊ kiˌoʊ)

Andrea del, 1435–88, Italian goldsmith, sculptor, and painter.
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At 14, he was apprenticed to the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio, who was (so Vasari claimed) "astonished" by his talent and with whom he collaborated before producing at least two early masterpieces, The Annunciation and (his first non-religious effort, and one to rank with the Mona Lisa) Ginevra de' Benci.
They are certainly products of the Florentine studio of Andrea del Verrocchio, where Leonardo trained, but the pooling of skills in this busy workshop makes attribution difficult.
Luke in 1472 and that he was residing with Andrea del Verrocchio in 1476.
Leonardo da Vinci trained in Florence in the workshop of the eminent painter Andrea del Verrocchio (c.
Born in Vinci, and then trained in Florence in the painting and sculpture workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio (1435-1488), the young Leonardo learned his craft quickly, soon surpassing the painting skills of his master.
4 WINGED BOY WITH A DOLPHIN AFTER ANDREA DEL VERROCCHIO (SAN SEVERINO MARCHE, ITALY) In this medieval comune, whose land tells a human history dating back to ancient times, there is a small museum (the Pinacoteca Civica "Tacchi Vcnturi") that houses the holy slippers and cap of Saint Celestine V, the reluctant pope who died in a small stone cell for seeking freedom from the church.
TOBIAS and the Angel is an altar painting, finished around 1470 to 1480, attributed to the workshop of the Italian Renaissance painter Andrea del Verrocchio.
It was his father who helped set him up as an apprentice to Florentine artist Andrea del Verrocchio, from whom the teenage da Vinci learned painting, sculpture and even mechanical arts.