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 (ăn′dro͞oz), Dame Julie Originally Julia Elizabeth Wells. Born 1935.
British actress noted for her singing and acting roles in Broadway musicals such as My Fair Lady (1956) and films such as The Sound of Music (1965).


(Biography) Thomas. 1813–85, Irish physical chemist, noted for his work on the liquefaction of gases


(ˈæn druz)

Roy Chapman, 1884–1960, U.S. naturalist, explorer, and author.
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Noun1.Andrews - United States naturalist who contributed to paleontology and geology (1884-1960)
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Pierre continually glanced at Prince Andrew; Prince Andrew rubbed his forehead with his small hand.
Halfway through supper Prince Andrew leaned his elbows on the table and, with a look of nervous agitation such as Pierre had never before seen on his face, began to talk- as one who has long had something on his mind and suddenly determines to speak out.
My wife," continued Prince Andrew, "is an excellent woman, one of those rare women with whom a man's honor is safe; but, O God, what would I not give now to be unmarried
As he said this Prince Andrew was less than ever like that Bolkonski who had lolled in Anna Pavlovna's easy chairs and with half-closed eyes had uttered French phrases between his teeth.
He considered his friend a model of perfection because Prince Andrew possessed in the highest degree just the very qualities Pierre lacked, and which might be best described as strength of will.
Prince Andrew looked kindly at him, yet his glance- friendly and affectionate as it was- expressed a sense of his own superiority.
Back in November 2002, DWP internal audits questioned the legitimacy of $300,000 in billings by Fleishman-Hillard and $52,000 in charges by the Lee Andrews Group.
Traveling on official business with the Military Traffic Management Command, Gall Andrews often sees the results of her work in small knots of military recruits at the nation's airports.
And there is the Andrews voice, that, when she speaks, is equally familiar, with its forthright British ring (let's not forget, Andrews was born in Walton-on-Thames, a few miles from London) and that, when she sings, has the clarity, poignancy, and bittersweet aura of a lovely, nostalgic memory.
Speaking to the Real Estate Tax Review Bar Association, Tax Commission President Earl Andrews Jr.
Andrews has been appointed a director of Mid-State Bancshares (NASDAQ:MDST) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Mid-State Bank & Trust.
It seems like the ultimate movie no-brainer, casting Julie Andrews as an elegant queen in the sugary Disney comedy ``The Princess Diaries.