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(ɑnˈdreɪ əf)

Leonid Nikolaevich, 1871–1919, Russian novelist, short-story writer, and playwright.
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The young son of his former army pal Alexei Andreyev (Fares Fares), dies on the train tracks in suspicious circumstances and the grieving father becomes convinced that a murderer is on the loose.
Ambassador Sergey Andreyev was summoned by the foreign ministry after telling private broadcaster TVN24 on Friday that Poland was partly to blame because it had repeatedly blocked formation of a coalition against Berlin in the run-up to the invasion.
99) WAR-hardened soldier Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy), best friend Alexei Andreyev (Fares Fares) and cowardly comrade Vasili Nikitin are part of Moscow's secret police.
Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) T is the man wielding the standard, cheered on by best friend Alexei Andreyev (Fares Fares), while cowardly comrade Vasili Nikitin (Joel Kinnaman) watches enviously from the sidelines.
He showed a good result, being ahead of athletes from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan," coach Evgeny Andreyev said.
Andreyev tells how painter and amateur archaeologist Nikolai (1874-1947) and former piano teacher Elena Roerich and their two sons left Russia after the triumph of the revolution in 1917 for Western Europe, New York, and finally India.
ST Petersburg, Russia, Rajab 24, 1435, May 23, 2014, SPA -- President of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussein met, on the sidelines of the Media World Pioneering Meeting, here today, with the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Russian News Agency of Ria Novosti Pavel Andreyev.
The authors include excerpts from Vasilii Rozanov, Fydor Sologub, Georgii Ivanov, Vikentii Veresaev, Leonid Andreyev, Aleksandr Kuprin, Vladislav Khodasevich, and Panteleymon Romanov.
The government of the Russian Federation at the conference was represented by Andrey Andreyev, Russia's Ambassador to the UAE and Gocha Buachidze, Russian Consul General in Dubai and Northern Emirates.
Sergey Andreyev, the chief of the Narva Police Department, said that no suspects have as yet been identified.
Yegor Borisov, the president of the Sakha Republic, or Yakutia, had met on 12 June with the president of Alrosa, Fyodor Andreyev, as well as with the CEO of Evraz, Alexander Frolov, the paper said.
Late on the night of April 25, 1986, Yuri Andreyev left his shift as an engineer at Nuclear Reactor No.