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 (ăn′drə-klēz′) also An·dro·clus (-kləs)
A legendary Roman slave held to have been spared in the arena by a lion that remembered him as the man who had once removed a thorn from its paw.


(ˈændrəˌkliːz) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) (in Roman legend) a slave whose life was spared in the arena by a lion from whose paw he had once extracted a thorn


(ˈæn drəˌkliz)

a Roman slave, in a fable of the 1st–2nd centuries a.d., who was spared in the arena by a lion from whose foot he had once extracted a thorn.
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A slave named Androcles once escaped from his master and fled to the forest.
In modern times, we might consider Androcles to be more of an absconding soft services operative.
The piece appears in several other films, including M*A*S*H, Taps, Reds, Striptease, The Bushbaby, The Ruling Class, Walker, Androcles and the Lion, and Flyboys.
Androcles and the Lion, G Bernard Shaw; music: Paul Sportelli; dir: Tim Carroll.
His early films included roles in Androcles and the Lion in 1952; Tom Thumb in 1958 and 1960's The Time Machine, with Rod Taylor.
La relacion, feminizada, con la historia de Androcles es evidente, y forma parte de tradicion del "leon reverente".
Shaw's posthumous publication of his play, Androcles and the Lion, in parallel column phonetic symbols and original alphabetic text, was influenced by the work of Ellis from almost a century earlier.
But when the Roman senator Gaius praises him before requesting him to journey to the city of Capernaum to see the coming of Jesus Christ according to Pontius Pilate's prediction, Maximus eagerly takes up the challenge and leaves for another adventure with his co-fighter Androcles.
99 Tinker Bell & The Legend Of The Neverbeast FEATURE-LENGTH computer-animated adventure, which references Beauty And The Beast and the fable of Androcles and the lion.
For YPT's non-mainstage school shows in the late 1960s, Leon Major directed plays by Ionesco, Chekhov, Giraudoux, and Mrozeck; in 1968/69, Robert Sherrin staged Shaw's Androcles and the Lion at the Colonade for children.
Clocwise from above: Blue Peter presenter John Noakes with his dogs Skip and Shep in 1980; Queen Elizabeth's gamekeepers with some of the Queen's retrievers in 1992; Giving a Bull Mastiff a biscuit; An owner and her basset hound taking a rest; top dog Khonistan Androcles of Alyshan getting cleaned up in 1979; Mrs S Wright, of County Durham, grooming her West Highland terrier Rosyle's Pal Joey in 1970; Joan Walker with her 13 bassett hounds in 1975; Gilda Bunn and her Salukis dog asleep together in 1964.
Por sinal, os dois personagens nomeados para tais funcoes, Pratomedes, filho de Philippos, e Androcles, filho de Callimachos, constavam coomo lochagoi monippon e lochagoi de pestaltes em uma lista militar da metade do seculo IV a.