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n. pl. An·ge·le·nos
A native or inhabitant of Los Angeles.

[American Spanish Angeleño, after Los Angeles.]


n, pl -nos
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Los Angeles


(ˌæn dʒəˈli noʊ)

n., pl. -nos.
Also called Los Angeleno. a native or resident of Los Angeles.
[1885–90; < American Spanish angeleño]


[ˌændʒəˈliːnəʊ] Nhabitante mf de Los Angeles


nEinwohner(in) m(f)von Los Angeles
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LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Athletic Propulsion Labs[R] announced today the debut of an Athletic Propulsion Labs Pop-Up shop Exclusively at The Men's Store at Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills for the upcoming 2012 Angeleno Men of Style and Sports Spectacular event.
No matter where he came from, he's an Angeleno now.
Through this partnership, GleeMaster will have a presence in Manhattan, Angeleno and San Francisco magazines as a vehicle to reach some of the country's most trendsetting and affluent consumers.
So, Wendy Brogin, to invoke some Angeleno folklore -- poetry, if you will: If the hoop don't fit, you must remove it.
Angeleno Group, LLC and Khosla Ventures, included in this round are several prominent private equity firms and financial investors including, Duff Ackerman and Advanced Equities.
com, Los Angeles Family Magazine and Angeleno Magazine.
West, an Italian steakhouse, has opened at the new Angeleno Hotel at 170 N.
Today, we are pleased to announce this investment from Angeleno Group as part of their commitment to funding clean energy technology companies.
Iberdrola and GE Ventures join Angeleno Group in funding intelligent energy storage leader
Fellow gay Anglo-American and Angeleno Christopher Isherwood is represented, as are the poet W.
In his new photographs, Zaki negotiates the chill, even noir aspects of Los Angeleno domesticity.
Harriet Dorn is a small but delightful increment in the development of an emerging Angeleno simplicity.