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 (ăn-jĕl′ĭ-kō′), Fra Also known as Giovanni da Fie·so·le (fyĕ′zō-lā, -lĕ) 1400?-1455.
Italian Dominican friar and painter of the Florentine school.


(Italian anˈdʒɛːliko)
(Biography) Fra (fra), original name Guido di Pietro; monastic name Fra Giovanni da Fiesole. ?1400–55, Italian fresco painter and Dominican friar


(ænˈdʒɛl ɪˌkoʊ)

Fra (Giovanni da Fiesole), 1387–1455, Italian painter.
An•gel′i•can, adj.
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The essay by Luigi Fontanella considers Angelici dolori (1937), an early collection of short stories, and sheds light on the interplay between autobiography and visionary imagination.
Luigi Fontanella's interpretation of Angelici dolori (1937) brings into relation Ortese's narrative techniques, rhetorical devices, and main themes, from which her ability to transfigure reality emerges through the deployment of magical elements, with the indissoluble relationship between her life and her writing.
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283iii); I' vidi in terra angelici costumi (1st version) (S.
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Last, in a study by Santagata and Angelici (2010), PSTs significantly improved their ability to analyze instruction after a learning experience with an analytic framework centered on integrating elements of instruction in comparison with a group that used a framework focused on the evaluation of separate elements of instruction.
1977; Angelici and Luiselli, 1999); post trauma repair (Graipel et al.
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Victor in Paris from 1162 until he died in 1172, says British dogmatic and historical theologian Angelici, and though he was an important spiritual writer and thinker of the time, his heavy Latin prose, verbosity, and repetition have inhibited the translation of his work into modern languages.