Angle meter

an instrument for measuring angles, esp. for ascertaining the dip of strata.

See also: Angle

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Tenders are invited for Purchase of Spin coating Unit, Silar, Contact Angle Meter, Dip coating unit with Hot Chamber, Double beam UV- vis spectrophotometer, Water purification system, Centrifuge, Binocular microscope, Language lab Software (Multiuser), Line Matrix Printer-Ribbon Cartridge (Printronix P82I5C) and CAT-6 Network Cabling
00264 gal) of purified water was dropped on each disk specimen, and the contact angle of the water drop was measured 1 minute later by a contact angle meter (EasyDrop systems, KRUSS GmbH).
Attension has introduced Theta QC, a portable contact angle meter for quality control measurements of paints, coatings and coating processes that enables quick s and scientific control of coating and substrate homogeneity, wettability, adhesion, surface-free energy and cleanliness.
The contact angle meter design provides operator independent consistent measurements with dyne level readings from 10 to 70; an easy to use finite liquid dispensing system for improved accuracy (sessile drop); a bright clear image on a large display screen for ease of viewing; and multiple platform configurations for small samples, films, wire, tubular samples, printed circuit boards (PCB), and plastic ball grip array (PBGAs).
Kernco Instruments has introduced its Cam-Wafer contact angle meter that uses a CCD camera and software to measure the contact angle on wafers and other substrates.
El Paso, TX, has introduced the wettability analyzer, a contact angle meter designed to measure adhesion wetting of liquids to solid surfaces or adhesion tension as well as testing the wetting or non-wetting of a liquid against a substrate.
The CA-X video contact angle meter is designed for the measurement of adhesion wetting of liquids to solid surfaces to calculate surface energies or adhesion tensions.
The Contact Angle Meter is said to improve the precision of testing and eliminate the subjectivity associated with traditional dyne solution testing.
El Paso, TX, has introduced the CA-X Video Contact Angle Meter, a device designed to measure the adhesion wetting of liquids to solid surfaces in order to calculate the surface energies or adhesion tensions.
The Model CAM-12 contact angle meter is designed to measure contact angle readings on wafers substrates up to 8" in diameter.
A new contact angle meter system and a microwave moisture monitor are new from Kernco.