Angle of entry

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An´gle of en´try

1.(Aëronautics) The angle between the tangent to the advancing edge (of an aërocurve) and the line of motion; - contrasted with angle of trail, which is the angle between the tangent to the following edge and the line of motion.
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8220;They are wider than the common ramps people are used to seeing, but they offer a significantly lower angle of entry and exit than standard ramps,” noted Patrick French, Vice President at On Site Energy.
A productive trolling pattern used by many local anglers includes two flatlines, with flatline clips to reduce the line angle of entry and give a tad of drop back on the bite, as well as two rigger lines.
Given the right angle of entry, the spike should bore through the ice, plunging the diver safely into the hypothermia-inducing waters.
The angle of entry depends on the stroke being swum.
Keep in mind that you may have to adjust your angle of entry depending on the patient's degree of obesity; otherwise, you may find yourself tunneling in subcutaneous fat.
A computer can check the angle of entry and if it is wrong it will abort the attempt in total safety.